Chi Nei Tsang


Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Taoist practice. It literally translates into “working the energy of the internal massage-du-ventre_1organs” or “internal organs chi transformation.”

The ancient Chinese masters observed that energy tends to get blocked in the area of the internal organs. They realised that negative emotions cause tension knots in the area of abdomen which constrict the flow of energy and if not released, can result in serious ailments. Therefore this system of manual stimulation of the acupressure points corresponding to all the organs located in the torso was created.


Through Chi Nei Tsang, we help cleanse the negative energy that blocks a proper Chi circulation in the body and as a result we open the flow of healing energy. Every negative emotion has its positive counterpart and so, for example, when we remove the stagnant energy of worry, we open up the flow of trust and surrender, when we remove insecurity, judgement or hatred, we open up to love and bliss and so on.


chi nei tsang 3Chi Nei Tsang goes to the very root of your health problems, including psychosomatic and emotional responses.

I will not be listing all the benefits of this therapy here because it would be a very long list and include pretty much any and every ailment you could think of. I will, however, ask you to bear in mind that this is a form of energy work. And in my experience energy when unblocked will always flow directly to where it’s most needed – which may or may not be where you want it to go.

It is very important to have trust in the intelligence of your Chi or Prana. For instance, you might think that your chronic headaches are your major and preliminary health issue but their root cause could be in the malfunctioning digestive system or heaped up unexpressed anger. And so on.

What I mean to say, sometimes healing of what your conscious mind considers to be THE problem can take a little more time when the real issue is deep hidden. But luckily with this therapy we don’t need to know, in fact all we need to do is allow the energy to flow without expectations.


Chi Nei Tsang is not so much a massage as an acupressure therapy combined with sound and breath work. It requires a team work between the therapist and the patient. The therapist stimulates the acupressure points while the patients works with deep breathing and sound (there is a particular sound for each organ that helps activate them during this work).

In the style of Chi Nei Tsang that I practice we work on following organs and emotions:

  • Tan Tienchi nei tsang 2
  • Kidneys – fear
  • Large intestine – sadness, grief, anxiety
  • Small intestine – insecurity, lack of self worth or self love
  • Heart – arrogance, hatred, judgement
  • Lungs – sadness, depression
  • Liver and gall bladder – anger
  • Spleen and stomach – worry
  • Navel point – karmic traumas
  • Reproductive organs – guilt, shame
  • Urinary bladder – nervousness, fear, inability to let go

A full session takes about 2 hours and consists of a consultation, introduction with demonstration of the stimulation, preparation/meditation, warming up of the belly, stimulation of 23 points in total, neck, head and face massage, belly relaxing massage and relaxation.

chi nei tsang 4