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Ayurverdic Massage vs Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage - The Shell

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage – The Shell

Massage is considered to be a part of alternative and complementary medicine. More and more often, it is being offered along with standard treatments for a wide range of medical (including psychological) conditions.

Since there are hundreds of different types of massages all around the world, it may seem a bit overwhelming and challenging to pick the one suitable for you. What we offer, is a wonderful combination of healing and therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage with elements of stretches and deep relaxation that a practice of Yoga brings about.

Ayurvedic Massage is a key tool in the Ayurvedic therapy, a very important method helping to restore and maintain health and vitality. Developed in ancient India, the art and science of Ayurveda was designed to work on many levels of human structure simultaneously. What we call a “holistic medicine” today, to our ancestors was a most natural approach – in order to heal, one must work on the physical, emotional and mental plains.

And this is exactly the idea behind an Ayurvedic Massage: removal of the toxins that gather in physical organs and tissues, as well as the mental and emotional purification.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) is a relatively new technique that brings the classical Ayurvedic Massage to a new dimension.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a combination of deep tissue massage and assisted Yogic stretches. It is performed on a mattress on the floor, with a use of a little oil and a calamus (sweet flag) powder, stimulating blood circulation and detoxifying the body.

AYM is a full body massage, involving alternation between deep tissue massage and assisted Yogic stretches. Gradually a sense of openness and deep relaxation is brought to the person receiving it.

A session of AYM is performed on a mattress on the floor. Both hands and feet are used in the process of delivering the massage. We also work with the breath, to increase the therapeutic benefits. Mindful touch and deep, relaxed breathing allow the nervous system to relax and let go. This helps to re-educate the system and brings long lasting effects of feeling centred, less likely to get agitated or restless, and experience clarity of thoughts.

Another unique tool of the AYM is the use of calamus (sweet flag family) root powder which, mixed with a little oil, brings out the toxins from the body and helps to warm up the tissues. The scrubbing and stimulating feeling awakens the skin, blood circulation and the senses.


Similarities between Ayurvedic Massage and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage:

  • deep detoxification
  • reducing muscle tension and pain
  • stimulating blood circulation and strengthening the lymphatic system
  • stress relief
  • improved functioning of the digestive organs
  • prevention of aging and nourishing the skin
  • balancing the three doshas (vata-pitta-kapha)
  • use of therapeutic herbal oils

Additional benefits of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage over an Ayurvedic Massage:

  • assisted Yoga stretches (correcting postural imbalances)
  • incorporation of breathing techniques
  • stimulation with the feet (deeper pressure with long strokes or compression)
  • use of Calamus root powder (facilitating detoxification, stimulating and exfoliating)
  • short resting period after the massage, resulting in a feeling of deep relaxation


If you have ever tried an Ayurvedic Massage, the AYM will be the next step for you on the way to explore and experience your body. If you haven’t tried an Ayurvedic Massage yet, jump right into it! Let yourself be carried away on the journey of self-exploration with the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage!