The Roots Body Care

Why Back to Basics?IMG_20211213_120023879-01


The Roots natural collection was created with an intention to simplify our body care routine by using all natural, earth-given ingredients and stepping away from chemicals that, though easily available and often cheaper, can harm our bodies and don’t bring wholesome nourishment.

Growing up I was very close with my grandmother who, as I see it now, was a kind of a modern shaman or medicine woman. Her herbal solutions to most ailments and use of plants as medicine or nutritional supplements fascinated me even as a child.

When I was a teenager I discovered that saying that we “eat through the skin” has its scientific grounds. Our bodies keep absorbing and transforming ingredients that it receives, whether from the environment, food we consume or products we apply on it. I chose then to “feed” it as well as I can on every level. Your skin is the largest organ of elimination in the body and has a remarkable ability to absorb applied substances into the bloodstream.

My journey started with using natural oils instead of shop-bought lotions, rinsing my hair with apple cider vinegar and using kitchen-ingredients made masks and moisturisers.

Slowly over the time I started getting creative and experimenting with different ingredients to create completely natural products for my body care. Many of my products took some trial and error before I developed a perfect combination of ingredients (especially considering it is different ratio for various climates, as natural oil react to cold or hot temperatures differently…).

What I Offer

All products are handmade in small batches, as is all the packaging.

I use only high quality natural ingredients that include essential oils, herbs, clays, local organic beeswax, plant butters and native plant oils to create nourishing and well-balanced formulations that feed your body well.