Prana Masala: Massage – Yoga – Health

Prana Masala has been created in order to help people heal. As much as we try to initiate and facilitate this process through working with the human body, we do realize that the physical and mental well-being is as much connected to the energy as it is to matter.

Our main focus, therefore, whether during Yoga, massage or Pranic Healing sessions, is to activate the dormant energy supplies or unblock the congested ones, to help the prana (a Sanskrit word for vital energy or life-force) flow better and, in result, provide you with a healthy body and happy mind.

Kat is a certified Yoga teacher and massage therapist.

She also offers prana (energy) healing sessions in line with the art of Pranic Healing, which she studied in India.


The environment in which Kat first came across Yoga was quite unusual – it was in a military base where she was working as a translator and interpreter for the army. What started as a hobby, turned out to be a great passion and a journey on both physical and the spiritual dimension, and completely changed the direction her life was going.

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