The schedule

6.00 - 6.45Meditation/pranayamaMeditation/pranayamaMeditation/pranayamaMeditation/pranayamaMeditation/pranayamaShatkriya
6.45-7.00Tea breakTea breakTea breakTea breakTea breakTea break
7.00-8.30Hatha Yoga - practiceHatha Yoga - practiceHatha Yoga - practiceHatha Yoga - practiceHatha Yoga - practiceAerial Yoga /Yin Yoga/partner Yoga/Ashtanga
10.00-11.30Teaching practiceAdjustment & alignmentTeaching practiceAdjustment & alignmentTeaching practice9.30 - 11.30
Anatomy and physiology
12.30 - 1.30Q&A/Self studyQ&A/Self studyQ&A/Self studyQ&A/Self studyQ&A/Self study
2.45-3.45MultimediaMultimediaMultimediaMultimediaMultimediaSelf study
4.00-5.30LectureLectureLectureLectureLectureSelf study
5.30-7.00Vinyasa - practiceVinyasa - practiceVinyasa - practiceVinyasa - practiceVinyasa - practiceGroup discussion
7.30-8.30Chanting/Q&AGroup discussionChanting/Q&AGroup discussionChanting/Q&A
This schedule is provided to help you understand the commitment of time required to accomplish a 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course. Some slight alterations to the schedule may occur during the course related to the order of classes but not to the number of hours. In order to succesfully complete the course we require 90% attendance. If you cannot be present for the whole program we will offer you a certificate of participation, but not completion.